Jason Lee Walk-a-Thon

Hey Bobcat Families!

The PTA is hosting a Walk-a-Thon on Friday, October 19, to raise funds to support special activities like assemblies and field trips. Please ask your friends and family to donate to the Jason Lee PTA (it’s tax deductible). Any amount helps as it all adds up. Donations can be cash or checks (payable to Jason Lee PTA).

The Walk-a-Thon will be held during school hours (it’s a half-day at school) and all donations must be turned in on or before the Walk-a-Thon. And, yes, there are prizes for participating!

Amount Raised Prize
$ 15 Bobcat Water Bottle
$ 25 Free movie pass to the Blue Mouse
$ 50 Knitted Bobcat Hat
$ 75 Full-size Outdoor Basketball
$ 100 Camping Hammock


All students who raise $5 or more will get a FREE DRESS DAY
and earn one prize at or below the amount of money they turned in.

Donation Form

Download and print the donation form here. There’s also a helpful script to say when your Bobcat asking your friends and family for their helpful donation.

So get out there and raise some money for your school!

Go Bobcats!!!